Saturday, April 22, 2017

April Field Trip: Earth Day Festival

Members braved the cooler, windy weather to meet at Forest Park for the Earth Day Festival. There were 6 members and 2 prospective members in attendance. There were also 5 seniors and 1 adult guest. Members were encouraged to check out our new website (which has been approved by national and is now linked from the national page!) to see all the awards that we received at State Conference. Prospective members were introduced and there was a brief description of how to complete the application process. Future meetings were discussed: there are two commemorative events coming up in May, and a field trip for June. Members were encouraged to check out the Youth area at the Earth Day festival. Other members had fun climbing the rock wall!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veteran's Day Program

Members attended the Veteran's Day Program at Jefferson Barracks.

Older members helped to pass out programs to attendees. They participated in a wreath-laying and helped pass out special gifts to Veterans in attendance. They also helped with refreshments after the program.

After the services, the Senior Society President explained to younger members about service dogs. They learned about different types of service animals and how to act around them. They also discussed how service animals help veterans. Members were able to color pictures that had more information for them to talk about at home with their families.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Meeting

Members and Seniors decorated pumpkins and had an election for the best pumpkin.

 Members learned about the election process in a fun, new way this year! Members and seniors decorated their own mini-pumpkins. Meanwhile, they learned about how the election process works and how it has changed over the years. Finally, members participated in primaries where they voted on their favorite pumpkins. You can see the winner of the final elections in the picture!

After the pumpkin decorating, members were able to watch videos about the election process and the electoral college.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September Meeting

Members role-playing town criers while singing the C.A.R. song.

Our Society President shared information he learned through a Google Slides presentation. Members learned about how the news of the Victory at Yorktown disseminated throughout the colonies. He explained how Town Criers shared the news throughout towns. People also learned about the victory from newspapers and broadsides. Members learned the difference between those items, and also learned about the mastheads that were found at the top of them. Members created their own mastheads to be used with the society's newsletter.

Members were able to try on period hats and take turns ringing the bell and shouting, "Here ye, here ye!" The meeting concluded with the members marching to the C.A.R. song with the town crier's bells.